Cocottes Glacis – a Place to Be

Cocottes Glacis – the place to be… I know, I know, I’m a poet! Joke aside, I enjoyed the blogger lunch at Cocottes Glacis where I was invited to test new products from their range. I didn’t expect that I would like the food so much. I have to admit that I hadn’t eaten at Cocottes before and I thought that it would be another hipster, over priced, place to eat, forgotten in a few months. But I found out that it actually is a place where a lot of different people take a seat to have their lunch, that the food doesn’t only look pretty but it’s also very tasty and that the price is justified for fresh, organic and local products.

cocottes superfood salad

cocottes - acaï bowl


I could choose whatever I wanted and I was a bit overwhelmed by the big choice that they have so I chose a superfood salad with quinoa and avocado, a yoghurt and a juice. The salad was totally my thing, quinoa, avocado, lots of nuts, a non obtrusive dressing, which is so important to me because I hate it when the dressing takes over and it had a satiating effect. The strawberry juice was absolutely great, I love strawberries and the yoghurt was ok if you like less sweet desserts. At home I tried the acaï bowl and that was absolutely my kind of dessert, it has so many different consistencies and tastes from crunchy to creamy, from fruity to nutty, a total artwork of desserts.

Not only the food was great but I also met new blogger friends @madebyfredke @anneskitchen @kidsagenda @passionmeetscreativity who were pretty cool and I can imagine working with some of them for new projects.

I recommend you to try Cocottes, I’m sure you will like it, because there is nothing not to like about it. Since I live in Esch, I won’t be able to stop by the shop regularly but I will certainly come back when I’m in Luxembourg City. But Cocottes is more than just a healthy place for lunch, they have also a catering service and organize events for you such as walking dinners, cocktails, wine tasting and many more. So if you’re still looking for healthy and good food for your event, you have to call them!




jus cocottes sunshine

You can find Cocottes here
  • Cocottes Beaumont 3A rue Beaumont L-1219 Luxembourg
  • Cocottes Glacis 5 rue Jean l’Aveugle L-1148 Luxembourg
  • Cocottes Cloche d’Or 12D rue Guillaume Kroll L-1882 Luxembourg

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