5 hacks for strong and healthy hair

Any girl or anyone with long hair who has experimented with hair dye knows the struggle to grow healthy hair. Due to wrongly used store-bought products or to bad hairdresser choices, our hair becomes damaged, needs to be cut and you have to be very patient to grow it out.

I am no exception to this. I have had it all, it started at the age of 15 with a red glow in my natural dark brown hair, then I cut it  very short with the expectation to look like Victoria Beckham in the early 2000’s but I ended up looking like a queer pharmacist, not my words, that’s what my friends say about those rare photos my mother has from that period of time. After that, I had my bimbo phase, which started with zebra highlights and ended with a light blonde mane. I have to confess that I liked my blonde hair, by experience I can say that people are more friendly to blonde women. I have no idea why… This is not the topic of my post, focus Sarah! So, after the blonde era I died my hair black, brown, red, I had an undercut (I loved it, I felt so edgy, my mother hated it) and not to forget about the extensions. Various extensions, from cheap to expensive, from micro links to keratin bonding, then I tested clip-ins and braided sew-in extensions to finally come back to a natural look. I have to say that I like the big, sexy waves but I prefer to save that for  special occasions. In my everyday life, I want my hair to look natural.

Since one year I try to do the least damage to my hair, I only dye my roots because I have grey hair since more than ten years now and I maintain my ombré. I managed to grow it 10 centimeters in one year. I want to share my hair growing hacks with you and here they are:

1. Choose a trustworthy hairstylist.

I changed my hairstylist so many times because I wanted diversity and also because I didn’t want to wait for an appointment. That was a huge mistake! I recognized it and I went back to my mother’s stylist, who knows me since twenty years. I always went back to her when my hair was damaged and now she is my exclusive hairdresser because I trust her, she never talks me into something I don’t really want, she gives me so many tips and she rather looks what’s best for my hair and not for her purse. When you have found the person you trust, don’t change, because she knows the background of your treatments and which products have been used on your hair. This information is very important for a hairdresser if he wants to do his job properly.

2. Periodically make an appointment with your stylist.

Once a month I make an appointment with my hairstylist because I have to dye my grey roots and look after my ombré. My hair stylist cuts my split-ends every time, she doesn’t cut a lot, she knows I’m afraid of her scissors! She only cuts a tiny bit where it’s needed. This is how my hair always looks healthy, she says that you need to cut your hair on a regular basis to make it grow strong.

3. Learn to wash your hair.

I know this seems stupid to say but it’s not. First of all, don’t use too much product, a teaspoon of shampoo is enough to wash you whole hair. We tend to use too much product and make our hair heavy. Your hair will need to be completely soaked before you apply shampoo. Using warm water is important, because the warm water will open the cuticles in your hair. I recommend to do two shampoos. The first one can be a cheaper one, it will degrease your hair. I use a chamomile shampoo, such as Ultra Doux Camomille to lighten up my ombré ends. For the second shampoo I use L’Oréal Vitamino Color to nourish my hair and then I rinse it very well.

4. Protect your hair from heat.

You may be surprised that I don’t use any conditioner, but conditionner just doesn’t work for me. Instead of that I use L’Oréal Steampod Smoothing Fibre Restoring Cream heat protection every time I dry my hair, even if I don’t straighten my hair, in fact, I don’t even own a Steampod. But the benefits of this cream can’t be under-estimated, it really rebuilds your spilt ends.


5. Use a repigmentation mask from time to time.

Once a week you should use a repigmentation mask such as Mulato Soin repigmentant to reboost your hair color and to nourish it. It comes in many colors for every shade. I have to admit that I don’t do it every week because you have to leave it at least 15 minutes in towel dry hair and I’m often in a hurry when I take a shower. But you should do it, it makes a difference!


The secret to strong, beautiful and healthy hair has nothing to do with magic, neither with pills or vitamins, those girls you see on instagram who promotoe hair growing pills are well paid liars!  It’s only work and patience that makes your hair grow. But it’s worth it, I speak from my own experience. If you follow my hacks for strong and healthy hair you will soon have the hair you always wanted and finally use the hashtag #hairgoals on your own hair.

This post isn’t sponsored in any way, these are the products I use every day!

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