Testing Spray Tan in Luxembourg

I’ve always wanted to test spray tanning since years and I never tried it because it was too expensive or because I didn’t find a good studio near to the area where I lived. Spray tan are words I also googled a lot or watched videos on YouTube to see how it works but somehow the reviews were always saying things like the tan is not even or the product has a funny smell.

spray tan luxtan

I don’t fake tan at home because my last lesson of ballet at the conservatoire is more than twenty years ago, I lost the body flexibility that I had and I can’t reach every inch of my back by myself anymore. It isn’t really helpful BUT I can still do the splits! (Thank to my teacher Natascha I still can do it after all these years, she used to “cheer us up” with a wooden stick if we didn’t do a perfect splits. And she gave us a little chocolate if we did it well, except for me. Not because I couldn’t do it, no, I was very flexible and could perfectly do it, but because she thought I could lose some weight. Bitch!) So I decided to finally test Air Brush Spray Tanning and fond LuxTan on Google. On the site I found a lot of information like how to prepare before and after the tan, the pricing and you can book your appointment online. So I booked it and got a text message confirmation and even a reminder text the day before tanning.

spray tan luxtan

I went to the LuxTan studio in Gasperich which opened on Tuesday but they also have a studio in Munsbach since five years. The owner Marta was already waiting for me and I have to say that she is a very sweet and kind woman. She explained that there are different shades and she advised me to take medium brown. Knowing absolutely nothing about spray tan I fully trusted Marta because I thought if she has this business since five years, she probably knows her products well. I was wearing a bikini bottom for the session and it lasted less than 10 minutes. Marta used an air brush to apply the product on my body and told me how to stand and how to move my arms and legs. The smell was actually very pleasant and the spray was cool. After the tan she advised me not to touch water for the rest of the day and to shower in the morning. That’s what I did and now I look like if I was on summer holidays for ten days. The tan will last from 5 to 10 days, depending on my body activity and on how many times I will shower.

  • This post is not sponsored, I paid for my session
  • I paid 35€ for full body
  • If you pay for three sessions you will get one for free
  • You can also only do the legs or the upper body
  • It lasts 5 to 10 days, depending on body activity
  • Studio in Munsbach & Gasperich
  • Marta, the owner is super kind
  • You have to exfoliate the day before
  • You can’t wear make up or cream before the tan
  • To extend the tan duration you have to moisturize


For more information or to book an appointment click on the following link.

LuxTan Spray Tan

Thank you Marta and see you next time,

Sarah Mignani(1)

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