Where to find the BEST canard laqué

Last week on thursday I attended a blogger event at Le Zai organized by the lovely Elodie Schmitt who works for the Zheng restaurants (Le Zai & Ginko Sushi) in Strassen. It was a good distraction from last week which was chaotic and stressful because of personal issues. I had the chance to meet blogger colleagues I knew virtually but not in real life and I mus say that they were easy going, terre à terre, not like some other bloggers I know.



I’m hungry while writing this post and thinking of how tasty the whole dishes were that we tried. I wish I could beam myself in the restaurant right now! The owner of the restaurant was kind and super generous, I got to taste following dishes:

  • as amuse-bouche – fried sushi
  • as starter – a selection of sushi
  • as main course – the famous Duck of Zheng
  • after the main course – they plucked every remaining piece of meat of the duck and magically prepared two new dishes. Five spices duck and soy bean sprouts duck
  • as dessert – ginger ice cream and a coco mochi, but I forgot its name

I don’t have to tell you that I was more than satiated after all this food. And I was very disappointed not of their food, au contraire, I was disappointed because I will never again eat a regular Peking duck. Le Zai makes the best one, everything is house made, the sauce, the pancake and of course the duck.

canard de zhengcanard de zheng

And this is how they prepare the duck:

It all begins with the primordial phase of the Duck drying. Suspended in a cell at temperatures in between 5 ° and 8 ° and dried for 8 hours, the Duck moisture must be reduced to the maximum. This step helps creating a crispy skin to make it delicious.

Then, the Duck is immersed for 6 hours in a marinade composed of 13 different spices, the composition is a well-kept secret by the Zheng family! For this beautiful golden and crispy skin, the Duck rests in a honey and vinegar sauce before going back to the drying step. The drying will last 4 hours before the Duck is baked in the Chinese oven for a period ranging from 50 to 70 minutes.

Just out of the oven, it will be served at the table and cut before your eyes by our cook’s expert hands.


Because they make this famous duck since 18 years, they have a special promo price and offer -18€ on the dish for two, so that it’s 40€ instead of 58€. Which isn’t too pricey for the whole duck!

I will definitely go back with my friends and I want to thank the Zheng family and Elodie for the great evening.

Sarah Mignani(1)

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