This helped me grow my Instagram followers

When I first installed Instagram on my phone the app was quite different form what it has become. I think it was 6 years ago and at that time everybody was changing the signature square picture by applying filters called Juno, Reyes, Valencia and Willow. I liked that feature because I thought it mae my photos look professional.

When I look back on my old account I find a lot of memories, pictures that I lost because I lost or broke some phones or because I never backed up those pictures. It’s a bit like looking at an old photo album. I remember posting a lot of personal stuff on it, and people commented on my life changes. My feed wasn’t fluent at all, but it was my life and life isn’t perfect as all the high-profile accounts with many followers try to make you believe.

If I compare my old Instagram to my blog’s account, it’s completely different. I don’t post really personal stuff anymore and I prefer to think twice about a photo to post, about the title and the hashtags. What made me change these things?

Well I guess I want to look professional and I try to copy layouts and filters from high-profile accounts. But doesn’t that kill the charming part of the top ranked app? What certainly kills the fun is the new algorithm. Yeah, I know everybody is hating on it and it isn’t new. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, well let me explain it quickly to you.

In the past, the pictures shown on your feed appeared chronologically. Now they appear based on what you like and who you follow. You can start and restart your app as many times as you want, it will only show you with it THINKS you MIGHT like. And that’s crap. Like Destiny’s Child would say, I’m an independent woman, let me decide what I like and what I don’t you smartypants app! And if it only shows you what it thinks you might like, it is hard for us to be seen a lot and to grow our followers. So i will tell you what I did to increase my followers.

Link your Instagram to pages

Try providing back links to your Instagram posts or profile page on sites like Twitter and Facebook, where you have a bright chance of getting attention. By this way, you can also prompt your followers on other sites to follow you Instagram. If you have a blog, install a plugin that shows your latest posts of your feed on your site. If your visitors like your feed, they will click on it and be redirected to Instagram where they will be very likely to follow you.

VSCO – an app that you need

When I started modifying my snaps with the VSCO app it made the look brighter and better,  simply more professional. I never edit my pictures on the Instagram app itself except for rotating the image. If you don’t know how to edit with VSCO, simply google “famous VSCO filters” and you will find a lot of tips and inspiration in the “Images” section.

#Hashtags – use them

There are many theories about how to use hashtags on Instagram. What really helped me is to use every single of the 30 possible hashtags. Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t do it because it’s annoying and it may look like you’re trying too hard but it really worked for me. I have different pre-saved hashtags categories like BEAUTY, FASHION, FOOD, in my notes on my phone to inspire me and I modify them always a little when I post a picture.

Show your followers who you are

My pictures with the most likes are those where you can see me on it. People are voyeurs, they like to see you and to “know” the person behind the account, give them a selfie from time to time. Don’t just describe your picture with two words like dinner time. Tell them where you’re having this dinner for example. Or tell them that you actually had a crappy day. Ask a question, it will make them comment on the picture. Instagram is a social app, don’t forget that!

Try not to follow the themed trend

Themed feeds are for businesses who sell just one thing, like for example a company who sells food will of course post pictures of the dishes they make. But when I scroll down on an account like that it’s kind of boring. Everything looks the same. same colours, same layout, same topic. Do you want to be regularly, the norm? I don’t! I want to be outstanding, inspiring, different. And that’s why I post everything I like. There was a time I only posted white things or coloured things on a white background. First I ran out of ideas very quickly and second that didn’t represent me at all. Now I try to mix the good sides of my old and new account. More personal things but with high quality pictures that I won’t regret after posting.

how to grow followers on Instagram


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