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My name is Sarah Laura Mignani, I was born 1984 in Esch-sur-Alzette and I am Luxembourgish, however my beloved father was Italian and my mother Spanish. I speek 6 languages and I like to pick the best out of every nation. I write this blog because it makes me happy and I like to write about my daily life and experiences.

I have always been creative since I was a child and I may not be the best at something in particular but I’m good in many domains. (Except math, I am so bad at math, like the worst.) I did ballet for many years, DIY projects invaded my parent’s house, I programmed my first webpage when I was 17, I graduated in art, (were I had to graduate in math too, I do not know how the hell I managed that) I played in a band where I was the singer and songwriter, photography has always been a passion but even more since I have my Olympus Pen 7, cooking and baking relaxes me, organizing any kind of thing is my thing,  writing about more or less important subjects comes to me naturally and most of all, I love to make people laugh. When I was a kid I trained to be funny on purpose, yeah I really did that, because I knew I would neither be the most intelligent nor the prettiest girl in town. But who cares, the kitchen was my stage and my family was my audience.  At least I can make you smile!

When it comes to my romantic life, there have been a lot of soap opera episodes I won’t talk about because I have already reached the happy end, (not in a Thai massage way! Well actually yes, I’m married doh! You know what I mean… and that’s private) I met the love of my life, Laurent (Renzi) and we got married in may 2015. I have two dogs, Loco and Kravitz (as in Lenny Kravitz, yes I am a big fan, my husband didn’t want to call him Shakira, neither Sir Elton John) and I have a part time job at Clement & Weyer Consulting.

This is it, my life summed up in three little paragraphs!

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