The best cookies recipe ever

After years of searching for the perfect cookie recipe, I didn’t manage to find it. But fortunately I have a good friend, let’s call him Damiano B. from D. (28), who found it for me and also for YOU if you’re reading my blog. By the way, thank you for reading this! That said, I assure you that if you’ll bake these cookies, people who’ll try them, will ask you for more.  It’s certainly not the healthiest food for your body but they’re worth the work out after a binge.

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Playlist qui donne la pêche!

Yes this post  is in french, because…why not!

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My everyday beauty essentials

When I do my hair and make up I don’t need quite much. Sure I love to test new products, but there are some things like my Maybelline LINErefine liner express, that you can buy at dm at e very reasonable price, which I use since high school. I love to contour and highlight with my Sleek MakeUP face contour kit in the shade light and the Ebelin brush by dm. To complete the look I use the L’Oréal Color Riche beige à nu 630 which besides having the perfect nude shade also smells good and came with a lip liner in the box.

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The Best Inflatable Toys

Welcome summer, we missed you so much! Now it’s time for bikinis, cocktails and pool parties. If you’re looking for a dope pool float, don’t surf away, just check out my list of the best inflatable toys. Forget the old-fashioned boring mattresses, it’s 2016! Now you can buy floats in all kinds of shapes and colours. Here are my favourites:

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To be or not to be a mother

One year ago Carlos died. Flushed in the toilet. Carlos is not a gold-fish, Carlos was my embryo of six weeks. I might sound very raw to you when you read this, but reality is raw. These things happen in life but it’s not a topic you talk about for small talk. I know I won’t change the way people think about this taboo, but maybe some women that had the same experience will feel understood an at least I can put this behind myself. I’m not sad anymore. Why did I call him Carlos? With my husband we decided that if we would have a baby we would give him the name Charel or Charlotte. But since the embryo died, it wasn’t the real Charel/Charlotte so my friend named him Carlos, to talk about him more easily.

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Marché Des Créateurs

You don’t like to sit on your sofa on weekends? Me neither! The marché des créateurs is perfect even if the weather is not. Put on your chucks and visit the indoor market at the Mudam on the 21 & 22.05.2016. Time to discover new artists, designers and in general creative folks. You know what’s the best? It’s for free, no dinero needed except you want to buy a little something, what you really should do!

I googled and stalked all the artists on their web pages and social media accounts and I made a little review of those I liked the most. Click on the artist’s name or on the picture to be redirected to their sites. You should know by now that I love lists!

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Brianna from Grace & Frankie

Did you watch Grace & Frankie season 2 on Netflix yet? If you didn’t you better do it soon, not only because it’s very funny but also because Brianna Hanson, Grace’s daughter has got the best sexy business look ever! Thank you Allyson Fanger ( Grace & Frankie’s costume designer) for these great sexy business styles for women in their 30’s!
I tried to mix and match three of the best outfits she was wearing during the new season. Even if she wears expensive clothes, these outfits are easy to recreate with high street fashion brands. Except the Céline bag, it’s impossible to copy that bag, the perfect bag, the bag of my dreams. Guess I will have to win the lottery to afford it, but who knows? Maybe one day I will be able to buy one…
Brianna from Grace & Frankie

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7 Plus Size Dresses For Summer 2016

I have not always been plus sized, but you know what happened? Life! Life happened. And it’s ok, I’m not saying I love my body, but I never loved it. I always felt fat, even when I wheiged 62kg. Quite the contrary, I feel more self confident now, not because of the weight, certenately not, but because I’m older and many things in life become so much easier when you’re older. What never changed is my need to look good.

There is no shame buying plus sized clothes,  the only shame is when they look hideous. Thanks Asos, Mango, Missguided, Boohoo and recently River Island too, girls with curves are able to find stylish fashion at a reasonable price. Since summer is slowely but surely coming, dress season is also coming and here are my favourite dresses available on the net right now.

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Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 1

It’s Eurovision Song Contest time! Yay! The gay Super Bowl is back! Make yourself comfortable on your couch with some friends and a couple of beers and watch the first semi final tonight at 9 p.m. Watch it on PHOENIX if you want so see it in German or on FRANCE4 for those who prefer it in French. You can also stream it online on the ESC web page.

Now you may ask me why do I watch it? On one hand I like traditions and I have always watched it since I was a kid, and there is also the fact that I love to make fun of people on tv. Nobody gets hurt, I can do my jokes and feel funny, it’s perfect. This is why I have always been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. In the past, I was even a member of the Luxembourgish  fan club of Eurovision, the OGAE Luxembourg. With a couple of friends I helped to organize several charity galas with original ESC singers and I even co hosted the show three times. Whether you love it or hate it, the Eurovision Song Contest is part of European music culture.

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Tarte Flambée with goat cheese

You always wanted to make tarte flambée at home or maybe you want to try a new recipe that is easy and fast to prepare? Follow my steps and the taste and smell of Alsace will invade your kitchen. Well don’t do it like me on the second time I tried the recipe.You better know your oven, because when I did it in my friends oven (Does this sound like metaphorical dirty talk? Yes it does, but  it’s not meant to!) I burnt my Flammkuchen because her oven was too powerful. (Again, this is meant literally!)

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