Where to find the BEST canard laqué

Last week on thursday I attended a blogger event at Le Zai organized by the lovely Elodie Schmitt who works for the Zheng restaurants (Le Zai & Ginko Sushi) in Strassen. It was a good distraction from last week which was chaotic and stressful because of personal issues. I had the chance to meet blogger colleagues I knew virtually but not in real life and I mus say that they were easy going, terre à terre, not like some other bloggers I know.

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Testing Spray Tan in Luxembourg

I’ve always wanted to test spray tanning since years and I never tried it because it was too expensive or because I didn’t find a good studio near to the area where I lived. Spray tan are words I also googled a lot or watched videos on YouTube to see how it works but somehow the reviews were always saying things like the tan is not even or the product has a funny smell.

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Cocottes Glacis – a Place to Be

Cocottes Glacis – the place to be… I know, I know, I’m a poet! Joke aside, I enjoyed the blogger lunch at Cocottes Glacis where I was invited to test new products from their range. I didn’t expect that I would like the food so much. I have to admit that I hadn’t eaten at Cocottes before and I thought that it would be another hipster, over priced, place to eat, forgotten in a few months. But I found out that it actually is a place where a lot of different people take a seat to have their lunch, that the food doesn’t only look pretty but it’s also very tasty and that the price is justified for fresh, organic and local products.

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What’s better than beer? FREE BEER! Fox Beer Giveaway!

Fox Beer is the (not so) new fashionable, calorie-reduced beer created by young Luxembourgish entrepreneurs. You may have seen it in your favourite bars already and in your local grocery store. It becomes more and more popular every day and that’s not for no reason! I mean what a genius idea to invent, develop and produce a beer that has fewer calories. I often ditch the beer for a glass of wine because it is less rich in calories even if I prefered to have a beer instead. Now I can have a Fox Beer!

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Marché Des Créateurs

You don’t like to sit on your sofa on weekends? Me neither! The marché des créateurs is perfect even if the weather is not. Put on your chucks and visit the indoor market at the Mudam on the 21 & 22.05.2016. Time to discover new artists, designers and in general creative folks. You know what’s the best? It’s for free, no dinero needed except you want to buy a little something, what you really should do!

I googled and stalked all the artists on their web pages and social media accounts and I made a little review of those I liked the most. Click on the artist’s name or on the picture to be redirected to their sites. You should know by now that I love lists!

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Food Truck Pop Up in town

citroen food truck

I’ve always liked food trucks, I don’t know why, guess it’s because they carry food! Obviously. When I read on Facebook that there would be a Food Truck Pop Up in Esch, 100 meters next to my house, I grabbed my Olympus Pen to take some snaps.

working in a foodtruck

The weather was good, but I think a Tuesday afternoon isn’t the best to host such thing in the center of Esch, there were a few people. Maybe a Saturday would attract more hungry tummies. Even the famous “Jeitze Mich” missed the trucks. If you don’t know Jeitze Mich (Screaming Mich) you don’t miss anything unless you like the company of yelling, grumpy old men. Then again I would recommend you to visit Esch-sur-Alzette on market day.

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Bretzelsonndeg – a tradition in Luxembourg

Dear male readers from Luxembourg did you get your pretzel today? If you are a lucky man with a caring partner who places value on traditions, you probabely got one today. A girl who follows the tradition gives on Mid-Lent Sunday a sweet pretzel to the boy she likes. If he likes her as well he will give her an egg made of chocolate on Easter Sunday. In leap years it is reversed, the girl buys the pretzel and the boy the egg. Married couples follow the tradition too.

Since I forgot to go to the bakery, my husband bought one this morning  (from Fischer) when he went out to walk the dogs. Finally this year I had the occasion to buy the pretzel, which by the way is much cheaper than a fancy egg filled with chocolates and of course I messed up!  What about you, did you eat a pretzel today?